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NLF’s aims to create value on a very large scale.

Any business unit should primarily focus on increasing the value of all its stakeholders. The company should, from time to time, adopt and adapt to such business models where it can accomplish this very important and essential goal of creating value on a very large scale.

Current focus of NLF’s is on the vast lower-income and middle-income groups of the society, spread across urban, semi-urban and rural areas, and including formal and informal sector. Our business model, vast experience and distribution network places us uniquely in the industry.

Having created a clear vision, it is then necessary to translate the ideas into a mission – i.e. a purpose which can be used as a clear guiding principal for how the organization and its employees will be able to achieve the vision. The mission statement lays out the direct practical steps which the organization and its employees will be able to take to achieve its vision.

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