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Our Logo & Visual Identity:

The relevance of a logo transcends the realms of just what a color palette and brush are capable of. It does the pivotal job of narrating a compelling story that a brand wishes to convey. It reflects a brand’s vision and personality; two elements that constitute the core of what an entity stands for& believes in.

A glance at the NLF logo adeptly encapsulates everything the organization has endeavored to be for the better part of the last three decades. The subtle hues of blue symbolize the vastness achieved by touching innumerable lives. The vibrant red illustrates an unending passion for what we do, which has effortlessly facilitated our journey to the pinnacle. Through this fervently prolonged voyage, we are delighted to have ushered in unprecedented scales of growth and prosperity, the upward arrow being a testimony to that. The convergence and synergy between the aforementioned ideals that has been instrumental to our success lies in the unmissable cross-pattern in our logo.

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